QlikView Consulting

Natural Synergies’ consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in managing and analyzing operations, sales and financials in a growing variety of industries...
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QlikView Training

Training is the most important part of any QlikView initiative. Effective training can make a difference between success and failure of your BI projects. This is why we made training one of our core competencies...
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QlikView Best Practices

Astounded by your initial success with QlikView? Don’t lose momentum in maximizing QlikView’s value for supporting more users and analytical applications throughout your enterprise...
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QlikView Executive Dashboards

The first challenge of executive dashboards and scorecards is knowing what metrics best represent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—it is here that Natural Synergies’ industry experience...
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Natural Synergies: Premier QlikView Services

QlikView products

Natural Synergies is a boutique consulting firm that helps companies make better decisions by combining award-winning QlikView business intelligence software with our industry expertise.

All of our consultants are 100 percent dedicated QlikView experts.

We uncover the “natural synergies” that lie within every client’s data, people and processes, enabling new and amazing levels of performance, analysis and insight.

QlikView Product Tour

Why Choose Natural Synergies?


Natural Synergies was co-founded by a  team of veteran QlikView practitioners. Since its creation in 2007, the company has been 100% focused on providing premier BI services to QlikView customers. Our value proposition is our unmatched knowledge of QlikView, combined with our versatile industry experience and our white-glove care for our valued customers. We are proudly taking an active role in the QlikView community and in propagating QlikView knowledge among developers.


Natural Synergies delivers premium BI solutions and services, with unmatched experience, quality and leadership in the QlikView community. Working together with clients, we discover and build new synergies between data, people and processes to deliver the full capabilities of QlikView smarter and faster.

We are the first North American firm 100-percent dedicated to QlikView consulting and feature some of the longest-tenured QlikView consultants in the world. Our passion for enabling clients’ optimal success with QlikView continually leads to new, innovative services designed to improve Time-to-Value and Total Return on Investment from QlikView.


QlikView is a new kind of business intelligence tool and the world’s fastest growing BI product. Its unmatched simplicity eliminates the complexity of BI deployment, enabling every business and technical user to slice and dice all their data without limits. QlikView puts the power of real-time business answers in the hands of users, so they can make better business decisions when they need to be made.


“Natural Synergies has given us the one critical piece that most software vendors promise but do not deliver….Visibility. As the economic climate changes our visibility is vital to meeting the changing demands. This has been especially important in our S&OP process.”

Mitchell Sosnowski

TwinDisc, Inc.