Visibility and Control to Drive Better Business Performance

Executive Dashboards brandingQlikView and Natural Synergies’ expert consultants make a powerful combination for improving visibility and control of your daily business performance. We’ve done this before; with QlikView; for your type of company; in your type of industry; for your management function — from CEOs, CFOs and CIOs; to VPs of sales, operations and supply chains; to mid-level managers.

The first challenge of executive dashboards and scorecards is knowing what metrics best represent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—it is here that Natural Synergies’ and collaborative consulting approach pay dividends.

Executive Dashboards
The second is to actually get the data from disparate management systems into quick, responsive, visual presentation with at-a-glance KPI monitoring and easy drill down into underlying causes of results. This is where our mastery of QlikView delivers the more powerful solution.

Executive Business Consulting
    • Analyze all aspects of your business and opportunities for improvement.
    • Identify metrics that most accurately measure business performance.
    • Guide development of dashboards and scorecards that clearly articulate company goals and daily performance against goals.
QlikView Dashboards and Scorecards
    • Provide total visibility over enterprise and specific functional performance.
    • Align performance with enterprise goals.
    • Identify performance trends.
    • Detect strengths, weaknesses and underlying causes.
    • Improve information consistency across enterprise functions.
    • Empower employees with smart, fast decision-support.
    • Increase departmental accountability.

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“Using QlikView, Natural Synergies managed to quickly build two dashboards that were critical to our business. Now we have the ability to analyze our Sales, Margins and Inventory levels in user friendly and flexible ways, like we never could before.”

Charles Leichtweis
The Testors Corp.