Developing QlikView Expertise One Expert at a Time

QlikView TrainingTraining is the most important part of any QlikView initiative. Effective training can make a difference between success and failure of your BI projects. This is why we made training one of our core competencies.

QlikView Your Business In a Classroom

Our bestselling book QlikView Your Business is now available in a classroom format. The class offering contains six core modules - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes for Designers and Developers

The training class can be delivered in any combination of the six modules, customized to the needs of your development team. E-mail us today for your free consultation!

Qlik Standard Classroom Training

Our consultants routinely teach Qlik Standard Training classes, both on site and in a public classroom settings, on behalf of Qlik. We always score highly in the training evaluation. Our consultants are routinely rated a 9 or 10 (out of 10) for “knowledge of course material,” “real-world expertise” and “presentation effectiveness.”

We enhance the usual classroom experience with our outstanding knowledge of the product and our real-world expertise that can only be found among long-time Qlik practitioners.

Customized Training Offerings

In addition to offering standard QlikView training courses, we are able to leverage our extensive experience to create customized, advanced training for the most demanding QlikView development environments.

We understand that many business analysts need to work with their own data in order to relate to the training materials. To address this, we’ve developed a technique to customize training materials to a client’s individual needs and specific data structures. We are one of the only companies in the market that offers customized QlikView training using the client’s data.

Whether you're looking for a short training session to hone the QlikView skills of your staff, or an expanded customized workshop, call on Natural Synergies to deliver the education you need with the most experienced trainers.

Masters Summit for Qlik

Natural Synergies is a proud partner in the organization of Masters Summit for Qlik, where leading QlikView practitioners share their knowledge with advanced Qlik developers and help Qlik customers take their skills to the next level.

Learn more about QlikView Best Practices and QlikCheck, a unique service offering that provides a comprehensive assessment of sustainable success with your QlikView implementation.



QlikView Training

“Excellent hands-on tutorial without the technical jargon, delivered at a pace fast enough to accelerate our learning curve substantially.”

Paul Webb
QlikView Developer

QlikView TeamBuilder

Accelerate Your Developers' "Levels of QlikView Enlightenment"

QlikView TeamBuilder is a unique service offering for QlikView customers and partners. It accelerates the education of your QlikView developers on how to leverage QlikView beyond intuitive learning and basic QlikView training.

Even though QlikView is a very developer-friendly product, all new developers grow through several “levels of enlightenment” in the process of becoming true QlikView professionals.

QlikView TeamBuilder helps this process by leveraging our many years of experience in educating QlikView developers and power users. This service is delivered as a structured process that takes new developers from basic training to advanced QlikView competency levels through a series of customized seminars, coaching sessions, Q&A sessions, and readily available remote support.

Many QlikView developers around the world are using QlikCommunity Forum as their only access to QlikView expertise. QlikView TeamBuilder gives you the opportunity to hire some of the most active contributors of QlikCommunity to personally coach your QlikView team.

Learn more about rapidly increasing your QlikView developers’ expertise and business value with Natural Synergies’ QlikView TeamBuilder service.