QlikView Consulting

QlikView consulting imageNatural Synergies’ consultants are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in managing and analyzing operations, sales and financials in a growing variety of industries, and in working with QlikView users to solve challenges. Our client engagements typically involve:

    • Collaborating with executive teams to improve operational processes and business performance.
    • Educating in-house QlikView developers on how to leverage QlikView beyond intuitive learning and basic QlikView training.
    • Delivering smarter QlikView solutions with more value to users needing fast, precise, actionable information to make business decisions.


QlikView Training

QlikView TrainingTraining is the most important part of any QlikView initiative. Effective training can make a difference between success and failure of your BI projects. This is why we made training one of our core competencies.

Our consultants routinely teach QlikView Standard Training classes, both on site and in a public classroom settings, often on behalf of QlikTech. We always score highly in the training evaluation. Our consultants are routinely rated a 9 or 10 (out of 10) for “knowledge of course material,” “real-world expertise” and “presentation effectiveness.”

In addition to offering standard QlikView training courses, we are able to leverage our extensive experience to create customized, advanced training for the most demanding QlikView development environments.


QlikView Best Practices

Qlikview Best Practices

Astounded by your initial success with QlikView?

Don’t lose momentum in maximizing QlikView’s value for supporting more users and analytical applications throughout your enterprise!

For existing QlikView users, QlikCheck™ provides a comprehensive assessment of sustainable success with your QlikView implementation – including quality, performance, business value, end-user experience and technical foundation.

With QlikCheck™, Natural Synergies’ consultants evaluate your use of QlikView from a business perspective, a people perspective and a technical perspective. We interview key business stakeholders and a representative sampling of end users to help assess tangible and intangible ROI.