Financial Analysis

More Accurate, Efficient and Effective Financial Management

Financial AnalysisUsing QlikView, Natural Synergies’ consultants help to simplify and automate financial processes and relieve pain points that vary by industry and organization. Example solutions include:

      • Financial dashboards to track KPIs, trends and trial balances.
  • Consolidated financial reporting and compliance with GAAP, SOX and IFRS.
  • AR analysis for improving cash flow.
  • P/L analysis by division, business unit, region, office, etc.
  • Product/service bundle pricing and profitability analysis.

And unique to healthcare providers:

        • Revenue cycle management with visibility across numerous interrelated functions — from patient admissions to capturing care costs to collecting payments.
    • Pay for Performance (P4P) analysis to track performance metrics and to reduce the burdens of P4P reporting and cost accounting.
    • Replaces manually-intensive, error-prone spreadsheet processes and complex cube-based tools that require dependence on IT.
    • Allows your financial analysts focus on interpreting information instead of data crunching and having to resolve inconsistencies.

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Sales Analysis

Synchronize Sales With Evolving Market Conditions

Sales AnalysisHighly competitive and constantly evolving sales environments now require real-time visibility into customer behaviors, market conditions and operational processes.

Using QlikView, Natural Synergies’ consultants empower sales teams — from executives to field reps — to instantly access up-to-date, decision-driving information from desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Example solutions include:

    • Sales planning and forecasting.
  • Sales performance tracking and analysis by enterprise, division, region and individual sales rep.
  • Profitability analysis by customer and brand down to SKU level.
  • Sales volume and pattern analysis; Market share and contribution analysis; Margin and price waterfall analysis; Retail POS data integration and analysis; Order management and billing analysis; Pharmaceutical industry physician profiling and segmentation; Sales call effectiveness tracking; Call activity reach and frequency analysis, and Managed care market analysis.

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Inventory and Supply Chain

Inventory Supply ChainLower Costs and Risks While Aligning Inventory With Actual Usage

Using QlikView, Natural Synergies’ consultants enable inventory managers across manufacturing sectors and at healthcare facilities to reduce inventory costs and supply chain risks.

While manufacturers need cross-functional visibility — from sales demand forecasts through production and supply chains — to transition to “demand pull” and “made-to-order” business strategies, hospitals need visibility across clinical operations, administrative services and resource planning to improve financial performance, care delivery and full utilization of revenue-generating facilities.

Example manufacturing inventory solutions from Natural Synergies include:

    • Inventory balances and trends analysis.
    • Analysis of inventory turns, months on hand, aging and other measures to identify Excess & Obsolete (E&O) inventory that ties up cash and clogs warehouses.
    • Strategies and action plans for optimizing inventory levels, including assistance to help liquidate E&O through secondary channels.
    • Monitoring processes to avoid future E&O growth.
    • Supplier performance and viability monitoring.

Example pharmaceutical inventory solutions from Natural Synergies include:

    • Analysis of wholesale purchases vs. actual sales.
    • Price change analysis comparing purchases to changes over time.
    • Purchasing trends by wholesalers.

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Production Analysis

Achieve On-Demand Objectives With Real-Time Production Visibility

Production AnalysisWith manufacturers shifting from “demand push” to “demand pull” and “made-to-order” production environments, Natural Synergies’ consultants are using QlikView to help companies gain the flexibility and real-time visibility needed to better track inventories across production stages, reduce scrap rates (improving yield), synchronize production flows, schedule crews to avoid line interruptions, and plan line changeovers to rapidly shift production for demand changes.

The best example of the type of comprehensive production analysis that Natural Synergies can provide is our Manufacturing Capacity Planning application with QlikView.

This powerful application:

      • Allows manufacturing managers and planners to immediately spot bottlenecks in the production process and develop an action plan for resolving capacity shortages.
  • Provides a “Plant-at-a-Glance” executive dashboard which enables managers to quickly assess capacity problems in various departments (over loaded and under loaded departments are highlighted with color-coded alerts).
  • Provides a “Capacity Summary” screen to easily identify departments and work centers that require management attention.
  • Enables planners to run instantaneous “what-if” scenarios, modifying the workload, adding and removing work orders, and simulating changes in capacity.
  • Provides a “Material Availability” screen to highlight work orders that could experience shortages in raw materials.
  • Replaces manually-intensive, error-prone spreadsheet processes and complex cube-based tools that require dependence on IT.
  • Enables production to operate in real-time to implement demand pull and made-to-order objectives.

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Distribution Analysis

Control the Impact of Fluctuating Transport Costs on Business Profitability

Distribution AnalysisFrequent and sizeable fluctuations in the costs of energy play havoc with manufacturers’ margins. Just a modest increase in petroleum drives up transportation costs for inventory movements between facilities and outbound product distribution. Using QlikView, Natural Synergies’ consultants help companies to track the fluctuating costs, analyze performance by carrier, negotiate pricing as well as analyze distribution networks, locations and possible changes.

Example solutions include:

      • Transportation cost analysis (transportation costs trending over time, tracking cost per pound, analyzing geography of Supply and Demand, identifying volume per transit channel to negotiate best rates from carriers on loaded channels).
  • Distribution network analysis and predictive modeling to estimate potential cost savings with network changes.

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