Executive Dashboards

Executive DashboardsQlikView and Natural Synergies’ expert consultants make a powerful combination for improving visibility and control of your daily business performance. We’ve done this before; with QlikView; for your type of company; in your type of industry; for your management function — from CEOs, CFOs and CIOs; to VPs of sales, operations and supply chains; to mid-level managers.

The first challenge of executive dashboards and scorecards is knowing what metrics best represent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—it is here that Natural Synergies’ and collaborative consulting approach pay dividends.


Solutions for Manufacturing

Financial AnalysisUsing QlikView, Natural Synergies’ consultants help to simplify and automate financial processes and relieve pain points that vary by industry and organization.

Highly competitive and constantly evolving sales environments now require real-time visibility into customer behaviors, market conditions and operational processes.

Using QlikView, Natural Synergies’ consultants enable inventory managers across manufacturing sectors and at healthcare facilities to reduce inventory costs and supply chain risks.


Solutions for Healthcare

QlikView_mobileNatural Synergies helped several healthcare organizations develop the most complex analytical models based on analyzing EMR data, combined with Claims data, for a variety of analytical applications.


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