Qlik Master Class

Qlik Sense and QlikView Advanced Training for experienced developers who want to improve their skills:

QlikView Your Business - Master Class for QlikView and Qlik Sense Developers

A compressed three-day Qlik Sense and QlikView advanced training course for experienced developers that are familiar with the basic and intermediate Qlik development techniques and need to advance their expertise to the next level. The class materials are mostly based on the bestselling book “QlikView Your Business” by Oleg Troyansky.
A detailed description of the class:
1Advanced Data Modeling

How Qlik stores data

Normalizing or Denormalizing?

Data Modeling Techniques – Mapping, Joining, Concatenation

Link Tables

Concatenated Facts

As of Date tables

2Advanced scripting


Script control (loops, if, etc.)

Subroutines and reusable libraries

Storing expressions in variables and loading them into the script

Developing a multi-tier data acquisition process

3Advanced Expressions

Advanced Aggregation (AGGR)

Common uses
The 3 laws of AGGR
Advanced analytical uses of AGGR

Advanced Set Analysis

Simple and Advanced Search
Using Dates in Set Analysis
Advanced analytical uses of Set Analysis
Set Analysis and AGGR working together
4Performance Tuning

Common performance pitfalls in the layout

Common performance pitfalls in data models

Data load performance

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Here is what our students say about us

  • From my point of view, I was expecting some knowledge on data modeling and this training is absolutely beyond my expectation. I like the way Oleg explained the logic, I think it’s very clear and understandable. For the front end design part, even though I’ve been using QlikView for a while, I still benefited a lot from the training, he covered a lot of functions that I did not know before.
  • I thought the class was excellent and the instructor was great.  I’ve been using QlikView for 2 years and I still learned a lot in the class.
  • The fact that he was the author of the material speaks highly of him. I was particularly appreciative of his patience with all the questions that were raised, and his genuine desire to see the entire class progress as a group. Having used QlikView for almost 2 years now, I know there are subjects he did not cover given the time, and I would personally love to sit in any other class he might be offering on QlikView.

    I would give Oleg my highest recommendation.

  • Oleg was everything I like to see in an instructor. He was knowledgeable, having a decisive command of QlikView, and a great command of the material and the pace necessary to cover anywhere from the novice to more seasoned but intermediate level users of this BI tool.
  • I definitely found it very helpful. While I’ve had some years of experience, I learned about existing features I did not even consider and was introduced to concepts that were new to me. Oleg was very knowledgeable and was easy to follow. He took the basics of QlikView and was able to show numerous capabilities, going beyond a beginner level course. The training was a great experience.
  • I really liked the training. Oleg was very articulate and extremely patient in explaining the concepts. What amazed me was that he pretty much knew most of the functions off thetop of his head. He never faltered during his presentation.
  • I have not only learned a lot but also have ideas to apply them in projects. He knew the application inside and out and was very clear in his explanations.

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