A global leader in pallet and container pooling services — CHEP implemented QlikView with a team of internal developers that are working for various departments and divisions. They needed a cost-effective way of educating and mentoring a versatile team of new developers on QlikView. CHEP contracted Natural Synergies, Inc. to deliver the standard training class, followed by a series of hands-on workshops and mentoring sessions. After a number of workshop, the internal team was well trained and ready to take on any development challenges.

“Excellent hands-on tutorial without the technical jargon, delivered at a pace fast enough to accelerate our learning curve substantially.”

Paul Webb
QlikView Developer

A leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of power transmission equipment — Twin Disc was using QlikView with their old ERP system. When the company decided to implement JD Edwards ERP, there was no question in anybody’s mind that QlikView should remain an analytic front end on top of the new ERP.

Twin Disc contracted Natural Synergies, Inc. to convert their existing dashboards and to connect them to the JD Edwards back end. Natural Synergies developed a set of combined dashboards that enabled the users to view historical data from the old system, along with the new data from the new system. In addition, we implemented a number of advanced solutions that helped Twin Disc improve Inventory Management, Production Scheduling and Sales & Operations Planning.

“Natural Synergies has a keen sense of how to adapt QlikView to our specific company needs and configured a multitude of standard views to meet our requirements.”

Cindy Berndt
Twin Disc, Inc.

“Natural Synergies has given us the one critical piece that most software vendors promise but do not deliver... Visibility. As the economic climate changes our visibility is vital to meeting the changing demands. This has been especially important in our S&OP process.”

Mitchell Sosnowski
Global Sales and Operations Planning
Twin Disc, Inc.

A small manufacturing company carrying a versatile portfolio of craft & hobby products — The Testors Corporation needed an easy-to-use solution that would enable them to analyze their sales and better manage their inventory. They couldn’t use any canned solutions because their business was managed on a custom in-house developed system. Testors contracted Natural Synergies to develop two Dashboards that could help them analyze Sales and Margins, as well as Inventories. Natural Synergies developed two custom dashboards, and the new visibility helped Testors management uncover what products were selling slower than others and what inventories should be moved more aggressively in order to align Inventory and Sales.

“Using QlikView, Natural Synergies managed to quickly build two dashboards that were critical to our business. Now we have the ability to analyze our Sales, Margins and Inventory levels in user friendly and flexible ways, like we never could before.”

Charles Leichtweis
The Testors Corporation

A leading SaaS provider to CPG industry — Retail Solutions is a QlikView partner that provides SaaS services to the retail industry. One of their analytic dashboards required an unusual solution that wasn’t very straight-forward in QlikView environment. They asked advise from many QlikView experts, and everybody’s consensus was that this particular solution was simply impossible. When Retail Solutions contracted Natural Synergies, we were able to quickly develop a working prototype of a solution, and then develop and deliver a full-fledged solution that was working exactly as requested, despite the initial technical challenges.

“The nature of our project was so unique, other companies had declared it would be impossible to build using QlikView. However, Natural Synergies was able to build a fast, reliable, high quality product using QlikView in a very short time.”

Crystal Casey
Senior Manager
Business Intelligence Reporting
Retail Solutions, Inc.

A global financial resource service for underserved consumers, operating a portfolio of businesses that offer a variety of online credit products and services — Enova financial implemented QlikView and assigned a number of internal developers to develop a variety of analytic solutions internally. After a number of months, the team felt that they need a booster in their QlikView knowledge. Even though they were able to develop powerful analytic applications, they wanted to understand better advanced QlikView methodologies and also improve performance of their applications that were getting too slow.

Natural Synergies delivered a custom developers seminar, where we covered advanced QlikView material, from Set Analysis to Performance Tuning, and we performed a performance-tuning exercise together. After 2 hours of performance tuning, a QlikView application that required 1 GB of memory was reduced to 20% of its size.

“The seminar was an eye-opener to me. I looked upon some of the things we learned thinking, ‘How did I NOT do this before?’ In just two hours we managed to reduce a 900MB document down to 180MB, using the advanced performance tuning techniques that we learned.”

Robert Sarvas
QlikView Developer

One of the largest multi-specialty practices in Connecticut and one of the largest in Southern New England with over 250 providers practicing in over 30 different specialty areas. — Hartford Healthcare had signed up as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) with Medicare. One of the major requirements for an ACO is to be able to report and improve on a number of measures that cover quality of care, cost and patient satisfaction. Hartford Healthcare selected QlikView as a platform for the new dashboard, and they contracted Natural Synergies to develop a solution that will allow not only reporting on the necessary measures, but also provide actionable tools for improvement. The actionable ACO dashboard will help medical personnel analyze improvement areas and target their actions accordingly.

Navitus Health Solutions, LLC is a full-service, URAC-accredited pharmacy benefit management company. Navitus provides its flexible services to government entities, self-funded employers, coalitions, labor organizations, third-party administrators, and health plans, including managed Medicaid and Medicare Part D.

Navitus uses QlikView software to support its full pass-through business model. With more than 100 production QlikView applications built on common data, both customers and Navitus employees access the same data views enabling pharmacy benefit decisions in a truly collaborative partnership. From simple queries to complex clinical algorithms, the QlikView applications provide leading edge solutions to Navitus and its customers.

“Natural Synergies provided timely professional analytics development for sophisticated clinical program development.” - Julie Simani DNP, MS, RN, CQIA, Sr. Clinical Programs Manager

Navitus has engaged Natural Synergies in a number of capacities including training and development, system optimization, performance strategies, and QlikView application development. New applications developed have resulted in a 500% reduction in cycle time for prospective claims analysis and new clinical program offerings that enhance member health and lower pharmacy costs.

“The staff are professional, attentive, and consultative in their approach to meeting and exceeding their customers goals.” - Julie Simani DNP, MS, RN, CQIA, Sr. Clinical Programs Manager

Working with Natural Synergies, a complex and time consuming analysis was turned into an application packed full of powerful visualizations that clearly communicate the Navitus value proposition.

Audrey M. Paukner
Senior Manager, Analytics
Navitus Health Solutions

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