Customized Qlik Training

Customized Qlik Training Class

This is a unique training offering - a fully customized class that will be developed by our experts to specifically fit your business needs. Unlike the standard course, you get exactly the knowledge you will need in your particular industry. You can concentrate on the topics that are most important to you, and you can choose a convenient format for conducting training.
The possible customizations include:

Free choice of class duration, agenda, set of topics, and techniques to be delivered

All exercises are built from scratch and based on the customer’s data and business problems

A fully customized schedule and delivery methods (onsite or virtual, days per week, hours per day, etc.)

What are the advantages of a Customized Qlik Training Class for you?

1Your developers will learn from a course specifically adapted to the needs of your business, and they will receive exactly the knowledge that is needed to work with Qlik in your field.
For example, healthcare business analysts find it difficult to grasp QlikView visualizations based on the standard training that describes retail sales. Tailoring the content to the particular needs of healthcare allows them to connect to the material a lot better.
2You will be able to improve your developers’ knowledge precisely in the areas where they have gaps, instead of making them listen to the whole course.
A team of experienced Qlik developers may not need a full curriculum class, but they could benefit from 1-2 days of training with a focus on Set Analysis, Advanced Aggregation, and Performance Tuning.
3Your developers will be able to attend courses at a time convenient for you, which you can determine yourself.
Your developers will be able to attend courses at a time convenient for you, Sometimes a company can’t lose five days in a row for a five-day training course. Instead, they mightlike to train their team one day a week for five weeks in a row.
All of these and other non-standard requirements are covered with the Customized Qlik Training Class. The customized materials are licensed to the client for internal use and can be used repetitively for additional internal training classes. After the first delivery of the class, the customer can choose to have future classes delivered by the same seasoned expert, or by an internal instructor.
Would you like to discuss your Customized Training Class, pricing, and packages with an expert, or would you like to order a customized class for your team?
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Here is what our students say about us

  • From my point of view, I was expecting some knowledge on data modeling and this training is absolutely beyond my expectation. I like the way Oleg explained the logic, I think it’s very clear and understandable. For the front end design part, even though I’ve been using QlikView for a while, I still benefited a lot from the training, he covered a lot of functions that I did not know before.
  • I thought the class was excellent and the instructor was great.  I’ve been using QlikView for 2 years and I still learned a lot in the class.
  • The fact that he was the author of the material speaks highly of him. I was particularly appreciative of his patience with all the questions that were raised, and his genuine desire to see the entire class progress as a group. Having used QlikView for almost 2 years now, I know there are subjects he did not cover given the time, and I would personally love to sit in any other class he might be offering on QlikView.

    I would give Oleg my highest recommendation.

  • Oleg was everything I like to see in an instructor. He was knowledgeable, having a decisive command of QlikView, and a great command of the material and the pace necessary to cover anywhere from the novice to more seasoned but intermediate level users of this BI tool.
  • I definitely found it very helpful. While I’ve had some years of experience, I learned about existing features I did not even consider and was introduced to concepts that were new to me. Oleg was very knowledgeable and was easy to follow. He took the basics of QlikView and was able to show numerous capabilities, going beyond a beginner level course. The training was a great experience.
  • I really liked the training. Oleg was very articulate and extremely patient in explaining the concepts. What amazed me was that he pretty much knew most of the functions off thetop of his head. He never faltered during his presentation.
  • I have not only learned a lot but also have ideas to apply them in projects. He knew the application inside and out and was very clear in his explanations.
  • M. Hanief Edwards
    Great approach to develop Qlikview skills. Like that it also covers Qliksense. One caveat though: When I opened some of the supplied files. It was locked against personal license use. After ignoring the warning that the personal license would be restricted after opening restricted files, I lost my access...
    M. Hanief Edwards
  • James Harder
    QlikView Your Business is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn and expand their knowledge of both QlikView and Qlik Sense. The principal author, Oleg Troyansky, is a well known and respected Qlik expert with years of experience in Qlik products. QlikView Your Business: An Expert Guide to Business Discovery with QlikView and Qlik Sense. We provide "QlikView Your Business" to all of our Qlik Consultants at Visual Data Group and to all of our customers' business analysts and developers. Written extremely well, the book can be read from front to back as a course guide or kept by your keyboard as a ready reference book. Highly recommended! Jim Harder, Founder, Visual Data Group.
    James Harder
  • Auvy
    This is an outstanding book that all QlikView developers should pick up. The concepts discussed in the book are easy to pick up and the downloadable lessons are organized in such a way that you can skip around quite easily. The concepts covered in the book range from the mundane to the quite complex. I had the opportunity to recently meet with the author and his passion for QlikView was clearly made evident. This is an absolute must-have for your library if you are involved with QlikView.
  • Bill in CT
    This is an excellent resource for anybody professionally serious about QlikView. The book is well organized and goes deep into subjects like data modeling, U/I optimization, and advanced functions. Where other books delve moderately, this book is unafraid. Oleg, Tammy, and Charlie make sure you understand the business context of their examples, but do not get bogged down with it. The differentiator is their complete and detailed explanations of Qlik functions and methods PLUS why and when they are best used. This is an expert level book, but is approachable for moderately experienced Qlikkies. Of the 5 Qlik books I own, this is definitely, unquestionably the best.
    Bill in CT

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