Over the course of 10+ years of working with Qlik, much of our company’s work has focused on initial project implementations. The rollout of the platform greatly affects how successfully it will operate in the future.
A lot of organizational and technical questions can arise at this stage:
What technical resources do I need?
How do I structure my implementation team?
What kind of hardware and software do I need?
What server configuration should I use to enable my data volumes?
How do I configure and secure my Qlik Sense server?
Security rules? They look cool, but how do I use them in the best way, without getting lost in the multitude of rules?
My users don’t know what to ask for. How can I start Qlik Sense or QlikView application development without solid business requirements?
Everybody is asking for reports. How do I go from reports to visualizations, and then to dashboards?
How can I drive user adoption? I don’t want to see my investment go down the drain!

These are just some of the questions you will face, so it is important that you choose the method of your Qlik Sense implementation carefully. You have at least 3 possible options.


Which method of Qlik implementation should I choose?


Successful implementation of the platform is directly related to the amount of time that qualified professionals spend interacting with the customer’s team and being involved in the process overall. Therefore, the most efficient approach is to assign this job to experts.
Another option is to educate your own team and let them execute the majority of the implementation, only engaging experts on specific topics that require higher expertise. However, having experts do the smaller portion of the project work does not always mean that you’ll spend less money. Sometimes you will eventually pay more to fix all the errors that originated from a non-professional Qlik implementation. We advise you to sensibly weigh the risks and choose the option that’s best for you.


We can help you with any of these three options. Contact us to set up a call to determine which one is best for you.

How do Natural Synergies experts conduct a Qlik Sense implementation?

In order to ensure the success of your Qlik implementation and minimize the risk, entrust your first project to our experts. This is the best way to guarantee a professional implementation and avoid costly errors made during the onset of the project.
Our experts will work with your team and take you through all the steps of the implementation:

Qlik Sense Architecture and Infrastructure, server installation and configuration

Qlik Sense or QlikView Application Development

QlikView and Qlik Sense Extensions and Integration

We’ve done it dozens of times, and we know what to expect at every step

Now let’s take a closer look at the complex activities performed by our experts working on your project.
1A brief Discovery Workshop
We will bring together all the stakeholders and discuss the needs, requirements and problems that you are trying to solve using analytics. We will ensure that all stakeholders and the development team are on the same page regarding the solutions that will be developed. At the end of the Discovery Phase, we will create a number of deliverables:
- Discovery Document, describing the high-level expectations
- Product Backlog, listing all the components of the solutions to be developed
- System Requirements
- Project Plan
- Estimated duration and cost of the project
2Execution Phase
The main deliverables of the Execution Phase are the working apps, which are developed in close cooperation with your team, tested for data integrity, and agreed by all parties to be insightful and of value.
- While developing your first apps, we will also build a robust data environment appropriate for your data volumes and complexity.
- In preparation for the deployment, we will analyze your data volumes and recommend the optimal hardware configuration. Hardware sizing is one of the more difficult-to-predict components, and it helps to have assistance from someone who’s done it a few times before.
3Deployment Phase
We will help you configure and secure your server, deploy your applications, and prepare them for production use. In order to ensure the best user adoption, we will educate your team, your IT support organization, and your users. During this phase, we will mutually agree on the required level of technical documentation that’s right for your business.

You can always count on our expert help

We never leave our customers halfway, and we are always happy to help you with advice or a pair of helping hands down the road. If you need any of our assistance or a Qlik expert’s advice after the implementation of your Qlik project, you can use one of these additional services:

Contact us to learn more about our additional expert help.

Why have more than 100 clients chosen Natural Synergies?

You get high-quality assistance from well-experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of the topic, since Natural Synergies consultants are 100% focused on providing services associated with Qlik and don’t need to jump between different platforms.

You can always count on our support during your Qlik implementation and after the completion of your project.

Qlik implementation for your business will be carried out with maximum efficiency and in a timely fashion, as all of our experts are experienced, certified professionals that monitor the latest trends and innovations related to the platform’s development. We are active contributors in the Qlik Community, we teach at the Masters Summit for Qlik, and we even conduct training on behalf of Qlik.


We work with medium- and large-sized businesses and take on projects of any complexity.

We have successfully completed projects that other companies had struggled with. Therefore, if you’re facing a problem that seems overwhelming, we’re always ready, willing, and able to help you solve it.

We have more than 200 projects under our belt in various fields:
- Manufacturing
- Healthcare
- Retail
- Other solutions and executive dashboards
That’s why you can rest assured that we are already familiar with most implementation challenges and will successfully address the needs of your business.
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