Why do more than 45,000 customers in over 100 countries use the Qlik platform?


Do you want to get all the necessary information about your business in just a few clicks and make informed decisions based on facts? Just imagine having all this data accessible to you 24/7, always accurate and up-to-date, presented in a visual form.
This is the purpose for which Qlik was created in 1993. Today, it is used by companies that need to:

Analyze the effectiveness of their business

Choose the right business development strategy

Get fast reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs)

Get a detailed and understandable visual picture of their business instead of just dry statistics

What business benefits will you gain after Qlik implementation?

Depending on your business goals, Qlik can help you analyze and improve various aspects of your business performance. Below are just a few examples of what Qlik implementation can do for your business:

You will have all the necessary analytical reports on your sales in an easy-to-access manner when you need them for negotiating with suppliers and making contracts.

You will be able to monitor profit margins in real time.

If you work for a bank, you will receive a full analysis of receivables and payables, loan portfolios, and card business.

If you are an insurance company, you will finally be able to objectively evaluate the work of your departments and staff, as well as analyze insurance premiums and payments.

If you are a manufacturer, you will be able to monitor all production processes and the supply chain.

If you are an IT department, you will be able to monitor the work of IT systems and services and track the failures on a timely basis.

If you are a healthcare organization, you will be able to analyze your healthcare data and implement the Accountable Care Dashboard with the vital ACO information required by the government.

If you are a Marketing department, you will be able to analyze all risks in order to develop a promotion strategy for your business.

Why Natural Synergies is 100% focused on working exclusively with the Qlik platform

All of our experts have 5-15 years of professional experience with Qlik. This means two things:
You can get help with any of your QlikView or Qlik Sense problems, since this focus area allows our specialists to deeply understand the potential of this platform.

Qlik is second to none in many aspects; this is why we don’t work with other competitive analytical platforms.

In other words, our consultants don't jump from one BI tool to another, like many of our competitors do. Qlik is all we do, and we know the tool better than anyone else.

3 main advantages of choosing Qlik

1It’s possible to visualize large amounts of of data from a variety of data sources
Other BI tools typically use a query-based approach to analysis. That technology has a number of limitations: it can’t analyze all the data at once, and it’s not adapted to the real needs of the user when compiling reports.

Qlik's Associative engine is the only one that allows you to accumulate all the data and generate a full analysis of all indicators, without exceptions. Nothing can be missed or lost.

2It’s an easy way to get a complete picture of your business data
Qlik's Associative engine indexes all data relationships, leaving no data behind and with no need to build complex multi-dimensional cubes in advance. Qlik associative logic works in the same way as our brain, which allows it to quickly find the right data in response to your request.
3Rapid calculation of analytical data
Now you won’t have to wait for data aggregation, as analytics are updated immediately after every mouse click.

Qlik will help your company get a detailed and clear picture with all of your analytical data; your experts in different departments will be able to interact with each other easily and make decisions collectively, relying on all the necessary indicators.

Which tool should I choose: QlikView or Qlik Sense?

1Qlik Sense
Qlik Sense was created as a self-service BI tool, targeted at the average non-technical business user. It will allow you to create analytic applications using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and very few configuration settings.
Download a free version of Qlik Sense to see it in action.
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QlikView is the original tool that’s been the flagship of the Qlik platform since the 1990’s. QlikView allows more granular control over the dashboard design, but requires more technical skills to use.
Download a free version of QlikView and experience all of its possibilities.
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Qlik Sense Trial Version Download
3What is the difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView?
As you can see, QlikView and Qlik Sense can both help you visualize data. These tools are fully ready for use in enterprises of any size, yet there is still a difference between Qlik Sense and QlikView.
Today, most new customers implement Qlik Sense, as it is the newer tool with a longer outlook. Qlik Sense is now the prime focus of Qlik, with more updates and development in the future.
To understand which tool is right for you, contact our experts for a free 15-minute consultation.
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Before purchasing, check whether QlikView or Qlik Sense will work with your data

Selecting a BI tool is an important decision, and you may feel certain doubts. Will the product meet your expectations? Will its performance pay off? Will it be worth the effort spent on Qlik implementation and other activities? If you want to make sure this tool is suitable for your needs and check whether it will work for you, we offer a great opportunity to test it on your data.
We can help you evaluate Qlik tools and determine whether Qlik is right for you. This special service is called "SIB" (Seeing Is Believing) at Qlik, and it’s similar to the commonly known term "POC" (Proof of Concept).

This is how it works

Why is it better to start working with Qlik after you’ve had a talk with an expert?

When deciding to purchase Qlik, you need to evaluate all the possible risks:
How well does this platform suit your business?
What are the costs of implementing this platform in your business?
How can it be implemented, and how long will this process take?
How can you develop insightful applications that add value?
What difficulties might you face, and how can they be solved?
Our Qlik experts will help you get answers to these and other questions. Each consultant on our team can give you a qualified suggestion, because Natural Synergies consultants:
have over 15 years of experience with Qlik
are 100% focused on the Qlik platform
have completed over 200 projects in different business areas;
will answer any Qlik-related question, because we provide an entire range of services – from Qlik implementation to performance improvement.

Want to get a free answer to any of your Qlik questions?

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